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Proper training in activities of daily living and pre primary or primary academics can bring a lot of change in their life

Vocational training centre for the children and adults with disabilities

byBWC Dahod

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Dahod, India
BWC Dahod

BWC Dahod

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BWC Dahod
Dahod, India
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As the children attain 17 – 18 years of age, they are not interested in education rather they need to be trained for the vocational training which can help them to select a vocation and in future they can start earning.


We have started with the computer Blind welfare council started with the vocational training centre for the children and adults of all categories of disabilities. They are trained here for paper dish making, chalk stick making, candle making and handicrafts. They are also trained for social activities and how to live with others in the family and the society.


About 10 trainees have been employed successfully in the open market and they have started earning. They are earning from  Rs. 3000 – 5000  per month. They are living a better life by becoming an earning member of the family, they are not meeting their own expenses but they are also helping their family members. They are respected in the family and in the society.

Program Cost Break Up 700- 1000

Expense Head Amount (₹)
1 Trainers  salary 10 (students ) 72000/-
1 Attendant salary 36000/-
1 Sweeper salary 36000/-
Raw material expenses 12000/-
Administrative expenses 15600/-
Total per year for 10 students 171600/-
Per student per month expenses 1430/-

1) Personnel / Salary

Expense Head Amount (₹)
Raw material expenses 12000/-
Per month for 10 students 1000/-

2) Direct Project expenses (Trainers salary)

Expense Head Amount (₹)
1 Trainers salary 5 (students ) per year 36000/-
Per student per month 600/-
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