Computer training to the disabled

byBWC Dahod

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Dahod, India
BWC Dahod

BWC Dahod

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BWC Dahod
Dahod, India
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Lack of computer training or no knowledge of computer operating can harm the earning potential of an individual and when it comes to persons with disabilities the problem is still bigger.


We have started with the computer training center; specially for the disabled. At present we have a batch of 20 students with either blindness or loco motor disability who are being trained for the computer operator. The students with blindness are trained with the help of JAWS software ( Job access with speech ) So that whatever work they in the computer the software speaks for them. So they can understand what they are doing.


About 40 of our trainees of previous batches have got a job of about Rs 4000 – 7000. They are employed in some small business or toll bridges or in some Govt departments. They are not only meeting their own expenses but they are also helping their families. The family and society respects them as they are the earning member of the family. They are living a better life now. These trainees live in our campus hostel and they are not charged for lodging, boarding or any trainees fees. Everything is free of cost.

Program Cost Break Up Lodging and Boarding expenses per student per annum

Expense Head Amount (₹)
Trainers Salary For 5 Students 36000/-

Other expenses

Expense Head Amount (₹)
2 pairs of uniform 600/-
Accommodation exp 1200/-
Salary of cook 1200/-
Salary Attendant 1200/-
Food expenses 18000/-
Administrative expenses 2250/-
Total per annum per students 60450/-
Expense per month per students 2037/-

1) Direct project expense (Food)

Expense Head Amount (₹)
Food expenses 18000/-
Per month per student 1500/-

2) Salary of the instructor/ Trainer

Expense Head Amount (₹)
Per year for 5 students 36000/-
Per student per month 600/-

3) Accomodation & administration expenses

Expense Head Amount (₹)
1. Accommodation manintenence Per student per annum 1200/-
2. Project admn expenses per student per annum 2250/-
3. Uniform 2 pars 600/-
Total of 1, 2, 3 4050/-
Per month per student 337/-